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Here are some FAQ on how a business transaction takes place through Tourist.is and who we are

Q: Who are we?
A: Iceland Based Company, Iceland Complete. Located in Reykjavik (see address below). Because we are from Iceland we are in touch with the travel market and we know where the best prices and services are. We only deal with established companies and have been in this business for nearly 10 years, celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2006.

Q: How competitive are the prices?
A: We always try to get the best prices available or at least very competitive prices, through the booking process you of course see all prices before booking so we recommend that you compare - Iceland Express offers in most cases the best prices in flights to Iceland, you can choose between wide selection of hotels and guest houses through our online booking center and we only use AVIS and Budget when booking cars. We are just trying to help you do this all at the same location.

Q: How do I book tickets online?
A: Booking tickets online for your vacation in Iceland is easy. Start by going choose the appropriate section of this website.
Begin the four to five-step booking process ( depends if you are booking flight, car or a hotel or guest house ) by going to the booking page  to choose your criteria, travel dates and number of travelers. Follow the signs and if you are not sure just drop us an email - tourist@tourist.is.

For flight booking through Iceland Express the only low-fare airline in Iceland, use these guidelines:

On step 2 of 5 you choose from available flights on your preferred date and one day before and after. Here you can see the price of the ticket for your preferred flight and compare it with those flights.
On step 3 of 5 you enter details about the passengers.
On step 4 of 5 you enter your payment details.
Finally, on step 5, you are given a unique booking number that serves as an electronic ticket. Show this number at check-in.

Q: Is the booking process secure?
A: Booking process security verified by Thawte or other valid SSL provider.

Q: What is SSL?
A: SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. SSL ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private and integral.
Booking process security verified by Thawte or other valid SSL provider.
Q: How does this work?
A: You decide what you need; Hotel, guesthouse, flight or a rental car. Then you fill in your contact information with a valid email address. After that you get into the SSL environment where you fill out the payment information and your done.
Q: What Credit Cards do we accept?
A: VISA and MasterCard.
Q: How are the tickets delivered?
A: After purchasing your ticket on-line, you will receive an e-mail. Print this e-mail message it will be your receipt. Present this receipt at the travel agency, hotel, guesthouse, to the tour operator, the car Rental or any of the companies you have selected on Iceland Complete.is as your payment/voucher.
Q: Why should I deal with Iceland Complete / Flight.is  instead of other agencies over the Internet?
A: We are from Iceland, we know the Icelandic market and we have many, many, many years of experience in managing online booking portals like Flight.is. We offer one the biggest selection of flight, hotel and car hire deals available in Iceland. But first and foremost you can trust us because we put our reputation on the line every time you book with our company.
Q: How will I know that I am getting the best prices?
A: While surfing our site, you have access to all the information available from companies dealing with the Travelize system and us.
After studying your possibilities and having selected the options that respond to your needs we know you are getting the best prices available.
Q: What if I have more questions or want to contact the company?
A: You are welcome to send questions to us at anytime. Our e-mail address is tourist@tourist.is and the postal address is:
Travelnet Iceland
Sidumuli 15
IS-108 Reykjavik
Q: How can I suggest improvements for the Flight.is Travel site?
A: Suggestions are appreciated, send us email through tourist@tourist.is

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