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Privacy Policy

This statement describes what you can expect from us regarding personal data on Tourist.is, and your associated rights and responsibilities. www.tourist.is is a website provided by Nordic eMarketing and uses the Active Hotels Limited accommodation database.

This statement is a part of the Tourist.is User Agreement but trumps any conflicts with the agreement. This statement does not address anyone else's practices or our practices beyond the Tourist.is site.

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and take our responsibilities regarding the privacy of you information very seriously. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. This policy explains how we use any information and how we protect your privacy.

We use the latest Secure Sockets security protocols. When you book using our secure servers, all of your personal details are encrypted. This means that your information, which includes your name, address, and credit or debit card number, cannot be read as it travels over the internet.

Your information is then held in our secure databases.

We have access to your information in order to process your booking. As required by the Data Protection Act 1998, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorized access and use of your information.

When do we collect information?

You will supply us with personal information when you:

  • Register as a user of the website
  • Book a hotel through the website
  • Provide us with a Destination Guides or Hotel Reviews
  • Contact us by e-mail, post or otherwise

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What information do we collect? How do we use it?

  • When Booking:
    • Our ‘suppliers' (the hotels on our site) and Tourist.is require certain information to allow us to process your hotel booking and notify you of the booking confirmation. When you book, we will need to know the name of the person making the reservation and a name for each room booked, your name, a postal address and email address, as well as your credit or debit card number, CVC number and expiry date.
    • We ask for your telephone number so that our suppliers' customer support representatives and we can contact you if there is a question concerning your reservation.
    • Credit card information is held in our secure database to enable the hotel or us to process reservations and cancellations. After you have stayed at the hotel, the information is automatically deleted.
  • Special offers:
    • From time to time we may have special deals that may be of interest to you. We will ask you to opt in to receipt of these types of communications.
  • Surveys & reviews:
    • We may request information from our customers via surveys. Survey information will be used for the purposes of monitoring or improving the use and satisfaction of our site - for example, after your stay is completed we may invite you to review the hotel.
    • You can publish scores and written comments. Your scores and comments are displayed publicly however Active Hotels reserves the right to remove the scores and comments published by you and may contact you, concerning your scores and written comments, if you have not followed the Rules of Posting.
    • Your first name, town and country are automatically displayed with the reviews and comments you publish unless you change the default configuration.
    • Your booking reference number is displayed so that hotels may reply to your comments
    • You retain all ownership rights to content you publish on Tourist.is (your "Content"). However, we can publish all or teaser portions of your Content online and offline and permit others to do the same.
    • We, and our licensees, can republish your Content as described in the User Agreement. We publish product ratings and use them to develop aggregate ratings, personalize site views and merchandise products. We may use your review ratings to personalize site views. For example, we may promote most popular or high-scoring hotels on our website.
    • While we don't expect to transfer the complete review rating database to others (except as contemplated elsewhere in this statement), we use the database throughout our networks and to generate results for others.
    • Participation in these surveys or competitions is voluntary and you have the choice whether or not to disclose this information.
  • Newsletters:
    • Guests also have the option to subscribe to our newsletter. If so, we ask for contact information such as your name and email address.

Site tracking and Cookies

We may use tracking software, including "cookies" (detailed below), to monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us develop the design and layout of our site to better meet the needs of our customers.

Like many ecommerce sites we use "cookies" to register your preferences. Cookies are a system whereby a message is given to your web browser by our web server. This text message is stored by your browser in a text file called something like yourname@activereservations.txt. Each time the browser requests a page from our server, this text message is sent back. A cookie's main objective is to allow our server to identify visitors to the website and gives us the opportunity to tailor the site to your needs. For example, if you choose to view the site in French, we may set a "cookie" on your machine so that the next time you return to the site, it is automatically shown in French.

Your access provider assigns an IP address to your computer when you use the Internet. We log each IP address that accesses the site, along with referring/destination URLs. We use this data, as well as other data in our databases, to analyze site and user behavior, troubleshoot technical problems, resolve disputes, address complaints and prepare aggregated reports that we share with others.

Data Changes

Users may request that we edit or remove Content from Tourist.is, Active Hotels partner websites at any time by emailing guestfeedback@activehotels.com; but if we have distributed your Content to others, we may be unable to require them to make the same changes.

Some data may update more slowly, and some old data may remain in our archives and records. If your account is being terminated or suspended, we may maintain some data to prevent re-registration.

Suppliers (hotels on our site) may edit or remove content from their brochure pages (websites) via their Active Hotels administration centre. We usually update our live databases immediately, but if we have distributed the supplier's content to others, some data may update more slowly or we may be unable to require them to make the same changes.

We reserve the right, without notice, to amend or delete any Information on the Sites which, in our sole discretion, is defamatory, obscene or materially inaccurate or in breach of any law or advertising code of practice.

Sharing information

We will only disclose your personal information to third parties for the purposes of completing your booking through us, in order to provide you with the information or services you have requested, or with your explicit consent. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to certain permitted third parties including members of our own group, trusted partners some of whom are located outside the European Economic Area and our own professional advisers.

We may share aggregate statistics about hotels' customers, traffic patterns, and reservations with our respective suppliers and partners, but these statistics do not include any personally identifying information. We never disclose information about guests to any other person or organization without their consent unless there is an emergency situation that requires it or we are legally required to do so.

Sale of Business

If our business is sold or integrated with another business your details may be disclosed to our advisers and any prospective purchasers and their advisers and will be passed on to the new owners of the business so that the new owners can continue to offer the services currently offered by us.


Any external links from our web site are provided for convenience and purely informational purposes. While we try to find sites that are of value to you, we cannot be held responsible for any content, political views or endorsements that may be found in any of our external links. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Your consent

By using our web site, you consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal information by both us and, where relevant, permitted third parties in the ways described in this policy.

An up-to-date privacy policy will always be maintained on this site so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances we disclose it. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or would like more information about us, or you believe content on Tourist.is infringes your privacy email privacy@activehotels.com.

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Data access

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you are entitled to request details of the personal information we hold about you. We may charge a fee for complying with your request. If you become aware that the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, you may request that we amend it. Any requests should be made in writing to us at privacy@activehotels.com.

Government Regulations and Lawsuits

We may disclose data about you to the government if we are required to do so by law or regulation or if we think the disclosure is appropriate, or if you authorize these disclosures. We may also disclose data about you in connection with actual or potential lawsuits (a) if we are required to do so, (b) if such disclosures may potentially mitigate our liability, or (c) to enforce our rights.

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